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bails for tails is something ive been working on for a long time its more then a dream i have its bigger then any dream ive ever had before combined and its bigger now then when when it first came to mind it started out as wanting to open an animal shelter and one that would be more then just that i wanted to open a shealter that would set the foundaion for a whole new kind of shealther i want to change the way animals are cared for in todays animal shealters i want to end the killing of animals and i want to help make the time they spend in a shealter as comfortable and easy on them as possible no cages no being left alone but a place where they would be able to live as normal as possible like say maybe a cafe or internet cafe or a community center something that would open to the public that would have high trafic where preveously stray or any animal in need of a home and family could live and be care for 24 hours a day and stay social while they awaited their new family

the 2nd part to that would that the staff would be people from the community that are struggling to find jobs are homeless or in any way down on their luck in life the 1st big changes i hope to make is to give a 2nd chance to those in need both 2 and 4 legged