homes not handcuffs

i was reading something about the city hall meetings and what the plans are for the homeless issue in sonoma county ca and it hurts my heart and heatens my blood at the same time when i read or hear what the people in my city have to say about it its like the ones who have never had a real worrie in their life or never had a time of being knocked on their ass all seem to think that homeless is some kind of race, gand group or even a choice like its grounds to pass judement and treated as if it were a crime granted like every other lable the group that is under it is divided some are one way other another there the for a lack of better words the “good” and the “bad” im going to give my opion by using the “homeless” in the city were i live santa rosa ca now santa rosa is a major city and its pretty big and there are parts that are tiny towns within the city for example for the past 7 years i have lived in the town of fulton its a small tiny town that is tucked somewhere in the middle of santa rosa and in fact because it is only about a road long when on either ends of the town if you were to take just a step pass the end of the roads you would be right back in santa rosa untill about a mile down the road where you would then enter windsor ca. fulton is simple its quite and i think its like a little story book town everyone knows everyone and we are all pretty close even when there are cases of people not caring for another still respect is given and in a time of need we pull togther the town as awhole, a lot of the town is either ilegal immagrents or homeless there are houses and yes there are people in them but they are different as well in the senece that they do not complain or nag or harass or judge they either stick to theirselves or they are kind and do random acts of kindness i just want to take a sec to say that i am truly thankful to call futon home its my little heaven on earth in good times and in not so good

last mo i got a ticket for litterly moving a car no more then 3 ft i got the thicket because the cop was an asshole who has been harrassing my boyfriend and anyone who leaves his house and when he didnt get whatever info he thought he could bully out of me and found out that i knew my rights he got pissed off and gave me a ticket with a 400 $ fine i have court on march 24th and i got to say im excited to put my skills into play i am not backing down i recently got accepted to school and will be getting my associte degree in scince of criminal justice