Be Impeccable With Your Word

Today i will do my best to be impeccable with every spoken word. Today i will avoid gossip as well as situations where gossip is harvested . Today i will look at every situation as chance to climb up my spiritual ladder weither my 1st take be positive or negitive. I will keep in mind that everything and everyone i come across is part of a bigger plan then i may be able to see or understand at the moment and that i have the power to create the life i desire with the ability to change any and all aspects i am not so pleased with. Instead of losing or giving away my power to another i will remember that whatever it may be that is upsetting me is not a punishment but rather a gift with rare beauty hidden for only the ones who buckle up and charge head on

~ speak only spoken words of intgrity saying only what you mean

~never speak words against yourself or others

~always use the power of your word to push in the direction that leads to honesty acceptance and compassion

~ your words are the seeds that you spread and your life is your garden see to it that you only plaint seeds that will produce what you truly desire to see in your garden. and when if you happen to plaint a seed or two of which you regret promptly correct your action by removing the roots and give thanks for the lession and new understanding of the cause that led to that mixup

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