update for bails 4 tails

a little push back due to lockdown but still planning to host a crafts fair within the next upcoming weeks to raise funds to open a new and perminent center, it takes money to open and start something and being on ssi is not going to cut it. but it will happen i am willing to do the work needed and i have faith that it will all fall into place, there is so much to do and when you are broke its like having your hands tied behind your back. i have started a few webpages but i need to pay for the domain so i can have more options i been piceing together posts and social media pages and going to be putting in some work on making an instagram and twitter for bails 4 tails i also plan to write out donation request letters however that is something i always have a hard time with due to fear of rejection but ill push through it

i really am excited about bails 4 tails its been the center of my drive my hole life and seeing it through is my main goal in life. i know that it will be a game changer and the start to a whole new world in relation to animal rescues its the only way things should be and i know that once in place people will see that and feel the same.

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