the sun ; good times happiness and saticfaction being on the right track and in sync with the universe and having a open fast flow with your energy

4 of swords ; a time of rest after trama recovery from hardship gathering yourself and getting back on your game after running yourself thin

the emperess: fertility and growth and progeress fruitaion and maternal guidence athority and love

some geminis may be coming out of a hard time or dark area spending too much time and energy on the wrong things situations and people spreading yourself thin and putting up everything inside of you to take care of or please otheres some are entering or just ending a rest gap that was much needed in order to regain your footing and recharge your base if you are one of the geminis that are already coming out of the rest you maybe notice that your feeling reconnected and in tune to the universe that your engery is highly rised and fast flowing you feel loved by the universe and either yourself and or otheres having an idea of the what is needed to be done and having the courage to follow throuh with it if you are not yet at this point rest assure that you will soon be able to feel the warmth of the sun that beats down on a beautiful day when all is well and the flow of all around is in sync no matter how dark it may seem at the moment know and trust that all will work out in due time

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