about and for my HIMS

i need to get right! i can see something now and it literally JUST learned it like a few sec ago and that is that i am a hot head short tempped person and i tend to jump the gun a lot and i tend to mess a lot of things up i dont mean to but and im mad at myseldf for it

like right now i have a man that loves me and who trys to get to know me the real me but i keep on shutting him out. i tend to jump the gun with it comes to thinking that he is being a jokester but i really think that he means what he says i think he might just be a little bit more like me in some ways like not being able to say whats on his mind like i do

or like no being too well with using communication all toghter ding dinng ding thats me again

wow babe if you ever do end up reading this i fucking love you so much and i am sorry for being a bitch im sorry for shuting down or shuting you out i am thankful for all you do and are to me i love you with all heart and i want you to know that im with you for the long hall

goal for the week well for the rest of it anyway is to NOT again NOT say anything rude talk back to or fight with my man

NO MATTER what to only reply with an okay babe or yes babe when he speaks to me and not make him feel disrespected or anything but loved

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