living by the 4 aggreements

  • Make a list of recent incidents when you experienced conflict, anger, fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, or other forms of emotional pain and suffering.
  • Do you believe that some, or possibly all, of this suffering was avoidable? If so, how could you have avoided it? If not, who or what was responsible for your suffering?
  • Can you imagine living your life without conflict, drama, and emotional suffering? If not, make a list of all the reasons why it’s necessary to suffer. Think of every good reason you can imagine.
  • Is it possible that you have become accustomed (or addicted) to suffering as a way of life?
  • Are you ready and willing to practice The Four Agreements, and choose happiness as your way of life? If not, why not?

anger is something i try to avoid allowing myself to feel because for many years i was overtaken by it and it keep me prisoner inside my own head there were countless sleepless nights and endless lost days time that i can never get back and i got to a point where i had had enough but i am only human so of course there are times that i get upset but today i deal with it in a way different way i do however face anxiety on a day to day base and that is something that i struggle with bad. i get anxiety from the most simpleset things like even just going out into public or if a stranger comes up and talks to me i just get over loaded and i feel like i want to hide my head in a hole in the ground .

i think i would be able to avoid anxiety more if i mastered the aggreement of not taking thing personaly that is what i need to work more at

a life without conflict drama or suffering is the life that i dream of it is what my main goal of life is in the time i have left here on this earth i want to master the 4 aggreements

i think it is possible to become addicted or at least use to the drama of conflict if it is all you know then thats all you know is out there

i am more then willing and ready to start living my life by the the 4 aggreements and i am so excited to see where my life goes from here

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