help for those effected by the fire

in 2017 my home town was burnt by what at the time was titled the worst fire the world has ever seen it destored thousands of homes and lives and even took some. its taken this whole year to get over all the upset from the fire. you never even think to think about something like that happening to you or where you live its something that happens somewhere far away… untill it happens

its been almost two years and here we are back in the same nightmare all over again a few days ago we got the warning and then we smelt the smoke then we saw the red sky and before we knew it the power went out and there were officers going through the roads telling people to leave. once again the streets were packed with people from all over the county trying to get out. its scary its like watching an end of the world movie but being in it . you want to hope to hope that everything will be ok but we dont know no one knows the scary truth is that there is always a chance that it wont be ok that we might not make it the fire isnt under control yet and its bigger and faster then the last one we havent lost any lives yet but there have been homes and buildings destoryed thousand of people have been forced from their homes and its like a big smokey wonderland

there isnt any idea about the timing it will takw for people to be able to go back home

a small team of helpers and myself are collecting can goods clothes bedding water pet supplies and toys for fire victoms and we will be taking them to the not only the evacuation centers but to the public parks and any known area where people who are in need are if you or someone you know has had to leave due to the fire or if there is anything that is needed to help make this a little easier please summit a comment or send us an email and we will get back you stay safe sonoma county and stay strong

there will be more on this matter a little later on

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