it was during one of the rare times the house had power the master room was big enough for all us KIDS to chill away from the tweaker wonderland of a house we lived in there was a tv and an nintendo 64 and the best game we had was pokemon game cube. i had beat all my little sisters butts and was so over the whole thing when the door opened and he walked in my heart stoped i had been crushing on one the younger guys at the time i thought he was 17 i dont really remember why i thought that but i really didnt care he was fucking hot and i froze any time he was around. he came in and took the controler away me but i didnt mind i had forgoten how to talk it didnt help that he flashed a sexy side smerk

there wasnt really any talking done other then my sisters talking about god knows what i wasnt concered about that i had to focus on not staring or letting my jaw drop my oldest little sis broke the ice with ” monster ryans on the phone” great hes going to think im just some dumb kid with a stupid pet name

” monster?” he said in an almost whisper i ignored him not for anything other i would have died if i had made a fool of myself and i was about to any way why now of all the times ryan a boy at school i was trying to dump and who wasnt responding to any kind of delivery had been calling non stop and i was to the point that i was fed up and not talking very nice still that didnt help my case

caught between being frusterated and thankful to have something to take the place of staring i picked up the phone in the room it was short i didnt want to miss too much of this rare 1st time visit it was the same old talk mostly ryan pleading for me to stay his girlfriend my few lines where things like ” dude stop doing this ” we just dont mix right i dont want a boyfriend you make it hard to stay friends when we cant move past the breakup i ended the call with a ” yes you can save me a seat at lunch and yes ill meet you after football

i hung up the phone and on qu i heard a whispered ” heartbreaker” i turned to look at him not too sure of myself but mostly out of impluse ” i didnt mean to i cant lie and pretend to like him if i dont ”

” your young you dont want to leave high school only sleeping with one guy”

” well i got a whole 4 years to start racking them up then i guess but i dont want the 1st to be one i dont even like”

you would have thought i said something bad and i thought i did at 1st since the 1st thing he did was drop the controler then it was like he had a taents attack he was studdering ” yoo yourr 1st?”

” shut up i only been out a shot while i wasnt going to do it with any lame at juvi ”

“how old are you”


” yea you dont want your 1st time to be with a 13 year old boy they dont know anything you want someone who can teach you”

“ryans going to be 18 he was held back ”

” so you like older guys?”

” i dont know i dont think about that”

what kind of guys do you like


with he kissed my hand and left the room cheesing.

leaving what seemed to be nothing more then a out of reach dream weeks went by without another word then one night while i was in my second favorte spot in the house that being the den with an iron fire place i sat listening to music and drawling i was laying facing dinagnally when a shadow caused the small room to din a bit when i looked up i saw him standing over me and his eyes they … locked me in ” can i teach you?”

i knew what he ment i didnt bother playing dumb i just nodded my head and accepted his hand he held out he pulled up and into him wrapping his arms around me and started to kiss my neck he walked backwards twords my room never breaking away from my neck lightly biting and swrilling his tounge in small circles he closed the door and backed in till we reached my bed he sat on the edge and held me standing in front of him the room was dark with only a small slit of moon light coming in from the window it was colder since there was no fire and my nipples were now hard from the cold and being turned on he lifted my top off and and when he got to my bra must have noticed me looking away ” are you sure you want to do this we dont have to if your not ready ”

” i want to … i.. want you to be my 1st ”

he turned my head with his finger so i faced him and crushed his lips into mine we made out for a few mins while he finished undressing me whispering to me between kisses ” i want to be your 1st i need to be the 1st inside you i want you”

it being my 1st time i wasnt much of a talker lol and felt awkward even anwsering him when he would ask ” can i have you? can i keep you? will you be mine ?”

we went on making out and worked our way to the floor i laid on my back and opened my legs so he knew i was still on board with this whole deflowering thing

when he lined himself up with my hole he bent down and before kissing my lips he said ” just breath baby girl thank you for giving yourself to me ” as he pushed in i let out a yelp that he reacted to by biting my bottom lip and with the 1st few mins of pumping into me kept repeating ” ah fuck baby thank you ahhhhh your mine mine i know its odd but i so counted and took mental note of the fact that each thrust he grunted mine mine mine mine it hurt like hell but i wanted him i could barely wrap my mind around of the fact that he was inside me that he wanted to be inside me it was this that caused me to see stars he came just about when i started to feel bad for my poor little pussy she was sore and swollen never having been entered let alone ponded like that before she clearly need a time out he reached his climax and rested on top of me for a while his lips on my forehead panting we got up dressed and i thought he would just go get lost in the crowd but he didnt

” can i hold you tonight? unable to speak i climbed into bed and held the covers up for him to join he got in wrapped my body with his and before i fell aside to him playing with my hair i heard one more “mine”

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