Check in

So I want to say before anything else that I Am so sorry for the lack of posts I LOST MY LAPTOP CHARGER and it’s been heeeellll ugh I swear and then I just was able to go through my phone and cleaned it out to make room for this app AND here I b.

Since my last entry before the last LOL I have gone through a lot of changes a lot of growth both painful yet enlightening I’m still really broken up over the breakup.. and Mr I don’t have a heart of feelings has already been over to parade his new girlfriend!!!!

I know I fucking know RIGHT?! i mean wtf ahhh after 7 years and all we went through all we shared in a blink of an eye he erased me like I never happened like he never loved me and maybe he didn’t but … I did and I still do but it hurts less as time goes on I miss him so much BUT I haven’t stocked so yay me … But I cry and I work out A LOT I jog and walk and try to not think about him yeah right huh well I do try not think about him but he’s everywhere I look

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