mealt down

how can you go about life like i never happened? you are the one who hurt me remeber? so how did i get on the begging end of this and you like always made it out on top why am i sorry why am i lonely why am i begging why is that i am so stupid why cant i let u go why cant let you go why cant i move on like u and why cant i even end my life right lucky? i wouldnt say that more like cursed or its some kind of sick joke or maybe its karma maybe i deserve all this pain maybe god hates me i dont fucking know but i do know that it is not fuuny and i cant and wont take much more of it im getting weaker and weaker and everyday i wake up is a shock even to me i wouldnt wish this pain on anyone ….not even on you the one who gave it to me with a smile and without a 2nd thought this pain should only be in hell

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