flash crash bash trash

there was a time that we so close we used to be best friends and we use to have so much fun i remeber and miss when we would spend all day wrapped in each others arms making love and claiming every inch of each others bodies you were my world and everything in it i didnt care about anything else as long as i was with you everything was right we had our ups and downs and lord knows our share of bads and goods but we had eachother.

but you walked away from me you left me alone broken and lost and your so cold that even the hottest days of summer seem to be iced over you know that you left me without anything no food no water no power and you said that you had done too much for me and i needed to take care of myself… theres “NO ” other women yet that is what everything adds up to but youll never tell me the truth and i think i am almost ready to stop waiting for you to i have days to move the trailer i have no car no place to go and im alone and when i replay your words in my mind i cant stop the tears that fall from my eyes

you are a monster a heartless soul eating monster why do i ever feel the need to say sorry for the way you act to me for you hurting me hitting me yelling at me calling me names i will say that i am sorry for my actions that added to the fighting im sorry for when i would speak mean or make you feel anything less then love because i love you with every bone and cell in my body i love you so much it hurts but my love for you will never be retuned i dont think you even know how to love and that hurts after 7 years its all over what i thought i we were buiding together was not anything but a rest stop for you the life we share was just filling up your time unill your next big move it sucks that i didnt get a heads up not even a goodbye i still havent gotten one all you do is text at random and string me along placing false hope and lies only to to imediately crush me all over again

i cant take it anymore my heart feels like it is one shatter away from from reaching a point of no return and you dont even care you wouldnt pee on me if i were on fire probaly because you would be the one to have set me on fire ….. i dont know if i will even be able to forget you or even get over but i have to try my life depends on it i need to let you go so i can live so i guess what i am saying is good bye pat i will miss you everyday and i will always love you take care and please get some help and please please dont do to the next what you did to me no person should ever have to hurt like this not even you…

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