o what a tangled web we weved

why do some people feel the need to hold onto a lie no mattet how clear the truth is? one thing i cant deal with is a lie i hate being lied to and i cant lie for shit its just too much work. i have a hard enough time keeping track of the truth so adding on anything other then is out of the question.

there isnt much that one can do to me that i wont look pass or forgive but lying is something i can not look pass and no matter how hard i try i dont do good with forgiving once you lie there is always the possiblity of you doing it again and again and if i missed it even just that one time i now have to question everything cause it very well could be yet another lie and i have already failed myself by letting even just one lie get past me.

when a lie is told it really fucks everything up and no matter how hard you work at making an amens for it things will never be able to go back to the way they once were it fucking sucks and it hurts its not a good feeling to not know if the person who told the lie is lying yet again and when you love that person or are in love with them it fucking sucks even more bottom line DONT FUCKING LIE its not worth it not the pain not the guilt not loss if you really love someone anyone dont matter what the relationship if you respect them then do yourself and them a favor and no matter how ugly the truth is dont ever try yo cover it up with a stupid lie because you will lose everything even if you are able to keep the person in your life you lose the bond you had before the lie

my ex who i was with for 7 years use to say that i needed to ” get over that shit” that is i kept living in the past i was bonde to repete my mistakes … wel ild say that i was living in the past in the same way he meant it but from my point i was trying to go back to a time when i knew the person that he was to him it was one stupid lie one time long ago but to me it was more it the hit that everything i thought we had all i thought we were was not what i thought i loved him like i never had ever loved before and i gave him my heart and all i had without a second dout and you know what .. he lied right to my face without a 2nd thought he looked me right in my eyes looked into my soul and fucking lied he laid next me while we slept while i was thinking all was perfect and it wasnt i wasnt enough and he couldnt even tell me i gave him my heart and he didnt even care enough to handle it with care instead he did things that to him were no big deal like talk to his exes blah blah and he thinks i should already forget about it and move on but its more to me its deeper then i can even put into words and when i doubt him well hello there was a time i didnt and was stupid and i made a fool of myself i use to think that no matter what happened everything would be fine as long as we had eachother but it wasnt and its not because i will never be able to trust him not fully not like i use to and all because i meant nothing or at least not enough to not be lied to

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