what happened? well….

i tell you what when the day comes that come face to face with that fucker murphy i am going to do things i cant even post on here , murphy has fucked with my happiness my whole life and i am at the end of my rope with his ass

i can still see how you looked the 1st time i saw you you were leaning with your back to a dresser and you had a raiders black tee dark blue jeans and black jordans maybe they were nikies you wore a silver chain and you werent wearing a hat i can still feel the quick pause in my palse from the 1st sight of you and the butterflies that rushed me but i was going through something at the moment that i need to handle but i did plan to come back address the matter but i didnt see you again not for a long time it felt like then you poped in a few times one of those times you came to bring clothes for me and my uncle my crisis lasted longer then expected but even while being a mess i was crushing on you but i just played it cool and waited for you to make a move then once again you were gone and the next time you came around i was already involved with someone and that relaionship blew up fast and deep i fell in love with him and yes had a baby but you never left my mind then when i finally got a chance to ride with you i fell in love i fell hard and even faster then i had with dude you were my friend and you helped me when i had no one and nothing you helped me just to help me and i felt safe with you plus i thought you were hella fine and with out being able to explain it well i knew you different i knew our souls were connected and i felt at home in your arms but then you started to pull away and be stand offish you have jokes that i dont find all too funny when it comes to cheating or open relatioinships and it didnt take long before i felt that i was just in the way so i left well no you droped me off a few days before my birthday and i didnt hear from you for a week you didnt even call me on my birthday you left me alone so again i was alone and lonely and i fell back on what i know best i did a big ol fat shot and it ended up being too much for me i over dosed and the only person who came to my aid was dude i remeber i selpt for a few days and when i woke up i guess you had finally called but it was too late im not the kind of person who has someone who still loves me come and help me just to ditch them when the one i want feels like coming around i dont like to hurt anyone and will do whatever i can to make sure i dont even it means me being the one who gets hurt.

that is the only reason i ever LEFT you or went back to dude and we never talked about it but in case you think that there was another reason i want to make it clear

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