all movies are true stories …. somewhere for someone

movies are great i love movie days and my favorite movie bud is always ready with a mind blowing movie ones that make you think sometimes we watch ones that hit a little close to home and maybe it may seem like im spacy or disconnected but thats not it thats not it at all but i have to allow it to seem like that the only other opion i have is to bring the truth about my past to light and that is the last thing i want to do.

its cool when things like drug lords and gun runners are in movies but people only think its cool due to the fact that its a movie they feel safe thinking that the that kind of stuff is only on a screen or somewhere far far far away i dont want to see what they would do to find out that they could be sitting right to the main dude the escapee the transporter or who ever, i have work really hard to run and stay away from my past im nothing like the blood line i was born from and i never want to be i want to live a normal life well at least as normal as posible i want to be happy i want the people in my life to be happy and i dont want all the complications and bullshit that comes with the street life in a crime family i want to be more then a mafia princess.

a few years back i moved to a new town just far enough from where i had grew up but being in foster care i was able to work that into the transion between my old and current life i was able to bury the old me she her story ended the day i was taken from school when the whole school saw me being walked out by 2 officers and it only took a few weeks for the shock and wonder to die down that girl was gone and everyone knew that she wasnt coming back

thats when tina was awakened and she is who got me through those years locked away like some lab rat tina was my medium my middle she was tougher then christina she was street smart and she was hard as a rock when i got there was a while when tina and christina battled for the light but when christina lost her 2nd baby and was abandoned yet again by her fucked up family tina took charge things were moving but tina ended up slipping and got into some trouble then christina lost another baby and when tina landed in jail a new face started to be made and her persents werent really noticed untill it was too late. by the time that ina was in the light she was already stronger then the others and took on the light full time she everything a crime family would be proud to have as a member she not only followed their footsteps she mastered them and showed them something new she was a savage beast and a walking weapon she could do say and be everything the other 2 couldnt and she wasnt chained by their limits or weaknesses she was missing something like every ying her yang was that she has no heart that was the difference that made her stronger then even tina. tina had cut out and locked her heart deep inside the same coffin as christina were is ina was created without a heart and a soul that hungered for power and pay back she was like nothing any member of christinas loving fam bam had ever seen not even in their worste nightmares

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