brush up

so i put some dots together today after the 4th person in like a matter of 3 days came to visit and it was imposible to ignore that every word they said was a buzz kill the universe is checking in with me a lot i feel and i must say i am so proud of myself i have come a long way and when i hear my own words i cant help but smile. it really make me sad when i see or hear people more so the ones i love be and feel bad and i know that many times what i have to say is not what they want to hear but i speak from my heart and i live by my words so i only say what i i know for sure to be ture i just wish that i could get them to understand that because i feel like they think that i am being rude or like i dont care but i do so much and i just want them to feel better so they can live better i know how much it takes out of you to be mad all the time and to always be in some kind of delima but it doesnt have to be like that if we choose to be and do better we can make out lives how we want them we just need to get out of our own way and i better the most know all too well just how hard thar can be

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