now i step back

why cant i just be happy with someone who is a perfect match for me someone i can have a life with who gets me and loves me for me and who look past my faults but instead im toren between demons figthing over my soul neither really want it or truly want the partner role one beats me and hurts me and calls me ugly names the other only calls for a quickie and when he wants to play games how did my heart get split and rest with two who dont care or want me while i love both very much i should be this confussed there really isnt a future with one or the other both make me feel worthless and keep me hidden an under cover lover i cant think of a time that i did either of them wrong i cant help that both sets arms is where i feel i belong i think it best if i just walk away even though it hurts i know in my heart that with either i cant stay so without a word im backing out leaving no room for any lies no false lovely words acompanied with false ties

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