sitting here doing a recap about lasmy t night it sounds just as stupid out loud as it does inside my head i am a puddle of mixed emotions with even the slightest idea of direction i dont want to wast my time life or posts on dumb things that i know are out of my control but sometimes i just need to vent if i dont it feels like i might just blow over i know what i need to do and its not like im not trying to but its not easy with no money in a world that is ran by money i do all i can as far as trying to do side jobs im on ssi but being homeless is sometimes more pricey then not being homeless and i can never seem to save BUT i am no longer under a bridge i give thanks to my ex in laws for allowing me to park on the road outside their property so that the cops dont have a chance to mess with me and i give thanks for all the supportive people in my life this writing thing is really saving my mental state and i really have high hopes for getting published.

well its a hot day a really hot day and really my head is mess so i will check back in a little bit later on hope everyone has a safe and joyful day

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