like attracts like duh

why is the law of attraction not working? well let me see if i am understanding this whole thing right from what i have learned and from what i just have a sence of kowing is that the law of attraction has more steps then just sitting down for an hour or hpwever long meditating or day dreaming about your dream job yes that is a big part of it but you also have to commit to a whole new way of being feeling thinking acting and speaking and you have to be willing to take the physical steps to reach your goal. in order to think positive you must feel positive in order to feel positive you must be intaking positive energy to do this you must be around positive energy sources and im not going to lie this part is where things get a but uncomfortable because this where you need to take a good look at your life and your going to have to weed out the bad weeds meaning the useless draining weeds that suck out all your energy eaving you feeling drained and down everything has to be positive and chill in order for anything good to come LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE even when you are only trying to be a good friend and lend someone an ear to vent into that is putting your energy output at risk the people in you allow in your life play a big part in all this and it is important that they understand it this is no a fairy tale or a game dont take it lightly you will only hurt yourself

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