worried and helpless

so i went over to a friends house just to visit and get away for a bit i planned on my man picking me up after work since he stops there everyday on his way home 5 oclock came and then 6 7 8 9 and he never showed so i spent my last 17 $ on a pack of smokes and a ride home when i got home his car wasnt here and his grandma said that he hadnt shown up yet its now 11:14 and he has not called texted or emailed nothing he can be a jerk and an asshole at times but this is not like him in the past he has gone to a friends house saying he would only be gone a few hours only to return the next day but this is not like him and i am really starting to worry im trying to think positive so not to attract anything bad but this is bull he gets mad at me saying that i try to control him or that im always thinking he is up to no good but its not that i mean i fucking worry about him i love him with all my heart and would just die if something ever happened to him i dont know if he is ok hurt or in jail even trouble he has no phone and i have no car so im stuck here waiting stressing and praying communicaion is key and i wish he would put his pride aside and trust me to know that there are reasonable reasons for my questions

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