please just hear me out

love is probaly one of the most scary beautiful stressful comfort headaches of a joy we stumble apon in life it can do things to us that we never thought to be possible we say do and feel things outside our norm and battle with the confussion of loving and hating it all at the same time i am 29 and i can say that only have less then a handful of times that i can compare but i know that without a doubt i love and am in love with my partner pat he is my best friend my rock and and my souls reflction we have had our ups and downs but no matter how low we got we had eachother and that means more then any length of post can express. when we got together we were both heavy on drugs and that made things hard on both if us why is this so if we both have so much love for one another? i cant speak for anyone other then myself so bare with me as i take a look at my end,

i have been reading a lot about the law of attracion and i am trying to live my life by its rules its hard work to try and stay positive in a negitive world and its even harder when the people in my life are dead set on their way of thinking and being to them its not negitive its normal or ” its life” the real world is the one i hear the most and no matter how much i try to explain the things i learn it just doesnt seem to sink in and it even seems to irritae them i dont understand it im not trying to down talk them or say they are wrong or bad im just trying to help them and me and the world that we share the law of attraction state that like attracts like and that all things that happen we attract with our thoughts and feelings so if a positive happy and healthy life is what is wanted then it only seems right that my thoughts and feelings need to be and stay positive happy and healthy right? in order for that be possible dont i need to be around nothing less then just those things? so i try to not read think or see anything that will bring on negitive feelings and i ask that when talking to me that people do the same both to better their lives but also to help keep me on the right track and not add stress to my already hard task but for whatever reason it seems to only turn out bad fights break out people get mad i get mad and a negitive cloud of stress seems to cover the days.

this would probaly be more easy to just cut the people out of my life but of course they are people i love very much and really dont want to live a life without im not ready to give up just yet so then what?… what can i do and how can i do it? how do i have success at the law of attraction and living by its rules and keep the people who are not ready or able to fully understand it in my life? will the day come that i will have to pick between the two? can i manifeast them into understanding and respecting my new found desired way of living is that even possible?

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