blown away

i spent the day helping my street aunt clean and go through things that she plans to put in a yard sale she is major collector and has an abundence of really good things but she also lives in a 5th wheel so there isnt too much room for her to store things. a little back story about her is that she was homeless with her son for a year and one day an officer went above and beyond he put up a go fund me account for her and put her and her son up in hotel for about a mo when her go fund me account got to an amount that could be used to buy a trailar he took her and her son down to get one and then has allowed her to live on his property for about 2 years now i have met him a few times and he seems to be an outstanding man which i am not use to seeing in sonoma county cops when the fire happened in santa rosa in 2017 he did wonders for those who were affected by it and help all he was able to bring food and offering rides and seeing to that everyone in that whole area got out alive and safe. when i 1st met him i was taken aback by how nice and respectful he was to me it was just like meeting any other person not a cop and i wasnt use to it but it was nice. today as i sat helping her i saw him again and then like any other person home on a sat he was visited by a few different friends who were all either current or ex cops CRAZY now im not saying that i would like join a weeking camp out or sunday tea but to my suprize i found myself having some pretty good conversaions like about pubishing and media and tv shows things like that and hold on to your seat THE LAW OF ATTRATION! yes indeed i know i know i was blown away but it was nice to see with my own eyes that there are some people on that other side that were people i guess like anyone i get so blind by the actions of the monsters that i forget that there not kings or lords there just people and in fact their are people who choose to serve the people well at least the ones who are in it for the right reasons

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