mental and spiritual doors opening

i have been reading everything i can find on the law of attraction and really been putting all i have into it like trying to keep my thoughts only ones that are good and doing what makes me happy. i find great joy in meditation and have made it a part of my everyday life it is truly a great way to ground and charge being an empath i need to charge up a lot and if i dont everyone suffers and its not any fun. one thing i have found myself strugggling with is that to other people in my life it seems like i am not doing anything like i am just a lazy unmotivated couch slug and no matter how hard i try to explain it they just dont seem to be able to understand and im starting to accept that i need to put all my energy into me and my understnding of the prossess and stop trippng about others. its hard and more so when its someone who means a lot to you life is so trippy. so i watched this movie called the secert and it is a must see for all! the book is just as good and there are more books that are on the top of my read list so as far as i know there is 1st the seceret then the power ,the magic and then the hero i think thats the right order of them and they were writen by rhonda byin im pretty sure thats her name if you dont already know of these books then please hear me when i say that these are must reads!

anyways so lets see what else oh i have made it a point to see to it that i meditate everyday and i am getting better at it at 1st i would get so mad at myself for not being able to not fall asleep but i didnt give up i kept doing it everyday and now its one of my all time fav things to do its a must in my life and i can see the difference it makes and i feel so much better and recharged when i do its the best way to ground and important part creating ones life. but i have come to learn that there is so much more to the law of attraction then just saying or thinking positive things its deeper and though so worth all it takes to happen it is hard work i use to think that it was pretty much saying that all we had to was daydream and that its all just kus well it is now my understanding that it takes so much more you have to put all of your energy into keeping your words thoughts feelings and action positive and good and you must trust you have to have faith because the law of attraction states that like attracts like so at 1st i may have said ” i want a large crop this year ” and now after all i have learned and using it in a present tense i say while watering or proning or rolling a joint ” i am a succesful gardener my marijuana grow is huge and healthy i have more weed then i know what to do with my weed is amazing and loved i am able to both sell and give away a lot and never run out of personal stash ” when im smoking i visulize large buds sticky and frosty purple and green mouth watering and juciy i see myself triming and packaging large packages and i smell the sweet smell of top nouch bud i feel my mouth water i feel the nice stone feeling i feel the pride and excitement and when asked if i can speare i do because i know that more will be here soon its mine by diven right and i only have to wait for the right time.

the thing that seems to mess me up is only when i am in a rush for whatever it is i am waiting on when i get restless i tend to fucked up but when i am calim and relaxed and when i go about trusting and knowing liveing and act out my faith things just fall perfectly together that is a fact and i have seen it time and time again.

tarot is somthing that i have been focused on i dabbled with them years ago but didnt stick with it it caved in to its hardness and gave up. then a few years ago an old friend gifted me a set of cards and they were the same set that i had tried my 1s time! crazy right. even then though i was only half heartedly into them and didnt put a whole lot of time into learning but then when i moved back to santa rosa and around my 28th birthday i bought my 2nd 1st set and this time i put all of my energy into ready the cards i was so excited and really set on learning but in doing so i would just ready all the different meaning bookd and that really made things hard because a lot of the time the tradional meaning of a card along with the card slot and the question at had i couldnt make any senece of it and it was frustrating and so that i wouldnt make a fool of me i stopped doing readings face to face and and started writing all readings in a log book ive done a few readings for people i trust not to judge me or laugh and they all told me that i was really good at reading tarot but somthing inside me is still yelling ” keep learning you can do this but there is still much to learn ” and so that is what i am doing i went from moping around waiting for my man to get home from work and wating my days doing nothing to waking up eariler and hitting my studies and doing my writings i meditate and recap a lot on the thing i am thankful for im making a vision bored and i picked up reading again i love to read always have. all this may not seem like much of anything but it has changed me and my life the law of attcration and its way has changed something deep inside and every day i am able to enjoy the magic of life its a working prossess but i have faith and i have lived proof and i know for a fact that its real and i give thanks for it life truly is what we chooce to make of it and i spent so much time on bull now today i love life and im excited to wake up every day to explore receive and create.

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