And they know best?

I don’t understand how things like this happen everyday children are removed from their homes in this County and granted that there are a lot of times where it’s needed it’s a very delicate situation that isn’t handled anywhere close to the best way possible having been on both sides of the table both being in foster care and then as an adult having my children removed no method to the Madness though there are a number of workers who are truly in it to help the number of workers in it for a paycheck or whatever other personal reasons exceeds that children removed from their homes and placed into these credited homes these places that are deemed worthy more worthy than the homes that they were removed from yet why is it that the children have a greater risk at being abused and have had a greater risk have had higher numbers and it with every year there comes more and more into the light yet the system is still able to take children and play some instead of only looking at a situation and its current Predator we need to start looking at the heads and the heads of the heads because there’s a chain of command there’s a way of doing things there’s a pecking order and if more and more homes in more than one home is coming up in and more kids or are coming up hurt maybe the heads and the heads of the heads are the sick fucks to blame

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