just some random thoughts that came up when watching the movie glass

so today i spent the day with a very good friend we watched movies and he always be having me watch these mind meth movies shit that makes you like really think i fucking love it anyways we watched this movie called glass and at 1st i was kinda not too into it but omg it fucking tight and OF COURSR it made me fucking think oh hold on quick side quiz ok so true or false the goverment trys to hide a lot and i mean a lot of things from us by covering up things that they feel like we THE PEOPLE arent able to handle like anything to do with ufos or important world events such as nuclear war super volcanos well pretty much everything that we would want and need to know our goverment is very secertive and crooked and always have some anwswer for everything guilding us to follow whatever beleifs they want they try to control everything from our money to the god we pray to but anyways is movie focused on people who are different and who are told that they are sick people who get put on all kinds of meds and put into mental hospitals in atempt to keep knowlage of soemthing greater hidden they dont want people to know what they are capable of doing that they have holly powers inside of each and every one of us we are all co creators and that does not have only a set race sex are class we are all gods children or whatever you like to call it no one is better or more meaningful then any other person it all just depends on how much we know and how much we work our spiritual musscles like anything else the more we do it then stronger it become and the better at it we will be thats all.

i really do beleave that most of the time when a person is suffering from mental issuses that its deeper then just that why would our creator make some one like that just to suffer no i think that these people are strongly connected to the high relm and that people in power try to decode it and keep it hush hush untill they have a handle on it almost every systom has a twin gift in the spirit wording so how can that be explained without talking down or discrediting the topic at hand. is it possible that when a person under goes trama that they are left a bit different inside? that their brains were effected the same amount if not more then their bodies? the human brain is so amazing and strond it is the control panel of each and every one of us without it we would not be able to live our brain is what tells our bodies organ to work and how its how we learn and grow inside our brians are always working even when we sleep in fact our brains work twice as hard when we sleep yet feels powered up when we wake up CRAZY so if all this is true then why is it so moviesh to think that humans are not able to do things outside the norm? so many people are stoped in their awakening placed on meds and sometimes put into hospitals when they should be taken care of and taught guilded encouraged and supported the world we live in is always covering up things that are of higher meaning and shuting out anything that isnt the way they feel it should be many humans blindly follow not knowing that they are meant to do so much more to be so much more im not saying that there isnt a higher power that is above i mean every group needs a leader but a good leader in my eyes is not one who is closed off to others thoughts or opions they work with the whole group and make sure to make choices that will work for everyone i really dont even know where i am going with this now and im sorry things have been kinda crazy and stressful my head is all over the place and i am just in fog

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