I went with a friend to help her recycle at town green which is a higher end of class i guess i mean like ok the whole town looks the same and there are no ghettos but its an old town with a long strong history but that is not the point of this post there i go rambleing gee i really need to not post so close to the times that i have a sit down with my main girl maryjane anyways…. ummm…. oh yeah so there i was collecting the blue cans and a lady and man came up and took it away saying that they were weighing them and wanting to know who i was and why i was doing what i was doing im not a big talker when its face to face unless i need to make a point that is almost like life and death so i didnt say anything i went to find my friend and let her know i know that she didnt mean anything mean by her words but jokingly she said ok go ahead and chill out in the car she said she wanted them to tell her that because then she would tell them where to stick it i went to the car to play a game on my phone and about an hour later she came up with tones of recycle and blue bins AND someone had seen her and gave her 20$ and thank her for her hard work! WTF REALLY????!!! am i missing something or did in fact i just get bumped to the back of the bus in the year 2019?! omfg it makes me sick how mean rude and disrespectful and so dumb isnt being racist like kinda out of date? i mean we are the UNITED states right am i in the right place because i was born in california and mixed race and couples out number full bloods by far so yeah like sorry to burst your bubble but you seem to be in the wrong place take that shit down the road PEOPLE it is easy to be a jerk anyone can do it but it takes a strong will and spirit to love like creator loves and to be a positive energy bank when you live your life in that way then and only then do you have something to be proud of

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