on april 13th 2018 just 4 days before her 40th birthday my auntie christina passed away in drain pipe behind the airport blvd cinema she was a loving and kind soul who was loved by everyone that knew her she was always a person that many would look to in hard times because she put off an energy that could melt the north pole and a light that would outshine the sun she left us very suddenly and after a long wait in the dark not knowing much of anything we were robbed the opportunity to bring her body home the cops gave us the run away since we were not blood we had no choice but wait and hope that we got some new any news but nothing then by the grace of god and hard work by my mom we were able to get in touch with her blood family they had no idea that she had passed one of the hardest things was when we heard that they were in fact looking for her and planning on coming to find her and take her home having to tell them that she had passed stung our hearts we finally got a chance to meet and and it brought on much needed healing and closure we all loved her we all lost her and none of us got to say goodbye this tree that over looks the place she was last was the only thing we all had left of her with no ashies no body no update no good bye all we had was this tree and the sonoma county chp took it down out of spite to them she was nothing more then another homeless person one less for their streets and they lost not a blink of sleep over it it broke us and it left a hole in all of our hearts and now like it wasnt enough they took our tree down what kind of a heartless person can do that even if it is JUST APART OF THEIR JOB?

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