I forgive you

I’m ready to forgive you for the hurt that you have done forgiving you doesn’t mean that it’s okay or that you’re off the hook it doesn’t mean that I have to like you doesn’t it mean that I have to accept you in my life forgiving you isn’t for you and it’s taking me 29 years to be able to fully commit to doing such but I forgive you for robbing me of my innocence I forgive you for installing a fear and hatred towards men in me I forgive you for your sickness I forgive you for the cruelty and abuse and I thank you because even though it came with a lot of pain and suffering and it’s taking me a lot of great hard work I can’t deny that even what you did plays a part in me becoming the woman that I am today I’m forgiving you because I am taking back the power over my life I refuse to give you any more of my headspace or haunt my dreams I refuse to allow the image of your face ruin any more romantic relationships for me you weren’t a relationship and you weren’t a spouse you were supposed to be a caretaker you betrayed me and you hurt me but you did not scare or break me I do not hold hate in my heart for you I don’t wish you ill will I only wish to that by the time you close your eyes and take your final breath that you have come to terms with whatever craziness LED you to be that monster who stole my childhood and that when you meet your maker you are able to correct it so that in your next life or whatever is next for you you have the opportunity to grow and be a better person

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