Don’t want to fight for your love

Im at my end I can’t take this is I’m drowning in a spin pool it can’t see i can’t breath I yell for you but your not listening your focused on him like always. Here I was spending my life with you for almost 7 years and then in a blink of an eye you started sharing a life with him he Is your center that holds your roots you base everything off him you clear everything by him you even listen and live as your told to by him. When asked if you love him you get mad and through blows and freak out but it’s not just me I don’t ask to make fun anyone can see and everyone asks not you but me. I can’t see you acting like you do when it comes to him I’ve never seen straight friends have as strong of a hold on one another like you both have. So why are you here i deserve more then to be your show doll I deserve to be loved and used not even to trick the world or yourself into thinking you are into girls after 7 years and a baby i deserve more and i deserve a man that is on my team and for me as much as I am for him but as long as he is in your life he will always be who and what you are for .

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